Readers ask: How To Grind Inline Skates?

Can I inline skate on the road?

No it is not safe to rollerblade on the road. There’s traffic that will run over you obviously & the surface of the road is not smooth enough for roller blades. You will be better off going to a designated roller blade park. It’s legal that way too.

Can you skate on uneven ground?

You can skateboard on most surfaces; it depends on the type of skateboard and your expertise level. However, surface friction and skateboarding don’t go well together. The best surfaces to skateboard need to be smooth yet have grip. The most common are plywood and concrete surfaces.

Can you roller skate on uneven ground?

The vibration from skating on a bumpy surface will reverberate into your feet and up into your legs. It may cause your feet and/or shins to get tingly or even burn. Softer wheels will lessen the sensation. But the more you skate outside, the more you will get used you it!

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