Often asked: Where To Sell Ice Skates?

What can you do with old ice skates?

Old ice skates: You can post these for free on sites such as providence.craigslist.org or freecycle.org, donate them to organizations that might need sports equipment, or take a trip to a resale shop such as 2nd Time Around Sports at 453 Atwood Ave. in Cranston.

How much are ice skates worth?

Prices range from below $150 for recreational skates, and upwards of $150 for skating classes ice skates. Advanced level figure skates with a better level of support for $250 and higher. Whether you participate in figure skating, or ice hockey, or want to skate for fun.

How much does it cost per person to ice skate?

Ice skating rinks typically charge around $10 per person for an open skate, and many rinks charge an additional fee for renting ice skates if the customers didn’t bring their own. They’ll frequently charge over $100 per hour for renting an ice rink.

How do you tell if your skates are broken down?

You can usually tell by looking at them. If the ankle creases are really deep and you no longer feel stable on the ice, especially when jumping, it’s usually time for new boots. It’s also time for new boots if the start to create new pressure points or pinch in new places.

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How do you soften old ice skates?

A leather conditioner (like Lexol Leather Conditioner), or any boot oil (even cheap Neat’s Foot oiil, though it may discolor the leather a bit) will soften leather a bit.

How much does it cost to get ice skates sharpened?

Here’s how it adds up: Skates alone can cost up to $2,000 per pair. Blades need to be sharpened every few weeks, which costs $30 to $40 at a time.

How long do ice skates last?

At best, figure skates last about 20 to 25 hours on the ice before they need sharpening — less if a skater likes her blades particularly sharp, or if something goes wrong. During the regular season that’s usually not a problem; events last a few days and then skaters disperse to their home shops.

Is owning a ice skating rink profitable?

That money can come from wealthy investors, non-profit organizations or taxpayers. Only rarely does it come from actual profits generated by operation of the rink. There are profitable rinks, but they are few and far between. There is one common thread among profitable rinks.

Is ice skating an expensive sport?

Figure skating is one of the most glamorous sports in the Winter Olympics — but it’s not cheap. Figure skaters are required to spend money on elaborate costumes, private coaches, skates, travel, physical therapy, and more. It can cost between $35,000 and $50,000 a year, if not more.

Can you ice skate everyday?

Figure skaters really do need to practice every day. Also, one on-ice practice session is not enough; serious skaters need to be on the ice for at least two or three practice sessions per day. Some serious skaters skate six days a week, but many ice skaters practice four or five days a week.

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How do you post ice skates?

Sending ice hockey skates abroad

  1. Clean the skates to remove any residue or moisture.
  2. Fill the inside of the skates with newspaper to maintain their shape.
  3. Place them inside their original box, or an appropriately sized cardboard box.
  4. Fill any extra space with tissue paper, newspaper or cushioning to prevent movement.

Is FigureSkatingStore com legit?

FigureSkatingStore.com is an online store store owned and operated by Skates for Less, Inc. a California Corporation. Skates for Less, Inc, has been in business since 1998, we operate 3 online stores and 1 physical store located at 8121 Remmet Ave. Canoga Park, CA 91304 and several warehouses across the United States.

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