FAQ: How To Dye Your Skates?

Can you dye black skates?

You can’t dye black plastic at all. You could try bleaching the fabric, which will come out bleachy-colored (you know what I mean) and then dyeing it with a fairly solid color, but that’s about it, and I wouldn’t recommend it.

Can you dye skate wheels?

Due to its Nylon material, they dye in just minutes! Hoping this will help you roll into 2021 with more color. Carefully remove wheels from skates and then remove the bearings using a Skate Bearing Tool. When water begins to simmer, add 1/4 bottle of well-shaken dye and mix well.

Can you dye leather skates?

Dying Your Skates If your boots are leather, you can use Angelus Leather dye. Safety first — wear a respirator, goggles, and gloves when handling leather dye. A little dye goes a long way and less is more. Squeeze out dye from the applicator before applying.

Can you spray paint skate wheels?

Spray paint will be fine and look nice if done right. Like any paint job, its all about the prep. Make sure you sand the wheels down and lay a few nice coats of primer. After that give it a good wet sand until they feel like a baby’s bottom.

Can you paint suede roller skates?

If you’d like to change the color of your suede skates completely, I’d recommend dying them. Angelus has many colors of suede dyes to choose from. If you’d like to paint on a few small details, I’ve seen some beautiful detail work painted onto suede skates, but can’t speak to the longevity.

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Can you dye rubber wheels?

Recolor the tires with a rubber dye if you want to change the color from black. These dyes come in a variety of colors and in either an aerosol spray or quart and gallon cans. Apply the dye like standard paint, then apply a coat of sealant once it is dry to aid in preservation.

Why do white skateboard wheels turn yellow?

The main reason why the skateboard wheels turn yellow is that the urethane of the wheel degrades over time. Urethane is sensitive to the sun’s UV rays and the material will begin to degrade aesthetically over time.

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