Quick Answer: When Does The Ice Skating Rink At Rockefeller Center Close?

Is Rockefeller Center ice skating open year round?

When does The Rink open and close for the season? The Rink opens on November 21 and the skating season runs through January 17, 2021, weather permitting.

How long is the ice skating rink in Rockefeller Center open?

Hours at Rockefeller Center Opens every day from 9am until midnight. It’s usually on a first come, first-served basis but this year with Covid you need to schedule a time in advance. 50 minute sessions this year 2020/2021 due to Covid-19.

Why is the Rockefeller skating Rink closed?

The rink will close on Jan. 17, several months early, right when New Yorkers, many of them enduring the pandemic in their apartments, will need outdoor recreation the most. The early shutdown is because of a long-planned renovation of the sunken plaza and the underground shopping concourse surrounding it.

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Does Rockefeller Center have ice skating summer?

When you visit The Rink at Rockefeller Center during the summer, you can enjoy a fantastic lunch or dinner under the tents. Or have a glass of champagne, perhaps a subtle Malbec. But do enjoy the ambiance of the place.

How much does it cost to ice skate at Rockefeller Center?

How much do I have to pay to skate at The Rink at Rockefeller Center? Adults $25, Children $15, skate rental $13 (yes, you can bring your own skates). During the holidays, the price is raised to $28. During peak season, the price to skate is $33.

How much does it cost to ice skate in Central Park?

Central Park’s other ice-skating destination is less of a tourist trap than the rink at the southern end of the park. But thanks to its size—there are two, NHL-regulation-sized rinks—it’s especially popular with youth and adult hockey leagues. The rink has an entrance fee of $5 and upwards and is cash only.

Is Wollman Rink cash only?

The Wollman Rink was a New York City government contract with the Trump Organization that ended in 2021 after it was canceled. It operates on a cash-only basis.

How big is the ice rink at Rockefeller Center?

The Ice Rink at Rockefeller Center However, if you want to people watch and enjoy a great NYC experience, come on down. The ice rink is open from October to April each year. The skating surface is 122 feet long and 59 feet wide and can accommodate only 150 skaters at one time.

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Can you rent ice skates at Rockefeller Center?

Skates are available to rent for $15, though guests are welcome to bring their own skates. The Rink at Rockefeller Center is located at Fifth Avenue, between 49th and 50th streets, in Rockefeller Plaza, right below the iconic Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

Who owns Rockefeller Center ice rink?

Built as a cohesive unit, the buildings have been owned by Tishman Speyer since 2000. The buildings are spread along six blocks, with three blocks facing each avenue.

Who owns Wollman Rink?

outbid Trump for a six-year contract to operate Wollman and Lasker skating rinks. A Trump-owned subsidiary, Wollman Rink Operations LLC, won another concession in 2001 to operate the rinks until April 30, 2021. Wollman Rink Operations LLC is owned by DJT Holdings LLC which was owned by the Donald J.

When can you ice skate in New York?

From October everyone can go ice skating in New York. The hot-spots for ice skating in New York are Rockefeller Center and Central Park but there are more rinks. A true New York winter would not be complete without ice skating on one of the rinks around the city.

What is there to do in NYC at Christmas?

Best Christmas things to do in NYC

  1. The Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park.
  2. Dyker Heights Holiday Lights.
  3. The Rockefeller Christmas Tree.
  4. Stunning holiday lights in NYC.
  5. Holiday Window Displays.
  6. The Empire State Building’s holiday musical light show.
  7. Statue & Skyline Holiday Cocoa Cruise.
  8. Grand Central Holiday Fair.
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What can you do at Rockefeller Center in the summer?


  • Top of the Rock Observation Deck.
  • The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Taping.
  • Saturday Night Live Taping.
  • Tour at NBC Studios.
  • Rockefeller Center Tour.
  • Radio City Music Hall Stage Door Tour.
  • Brunch at the Rainbow Room.
  • The Rink at the Rockefeller.

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