FAQ: How To Make A Ice Rink With Snow?

Can you use snow to make an ice rink?

In order to make ice, you simply pack snow, flood the snow surface with water and allow it to freeze. You can make this traditional backyard ice rink with or without boards. I recommend building your rink using boards even with a traditional backyard ice rink, especially for those families who want to play hockey.

Can you flood a rink with snow on it?

You must remove all the snow from your ice rink in order to flood. You will need shovels. Over-watering or flooding when the temperature is not cold enough creates a shell of ice on top of the water. Ice that is only frozen on top is not suitable for skating, since the shell breaks when weight is applied on it.

What do you do when it’s snowing on an ice rink?

If it snows on ice that is already pretty thick (5 inches or more), and the slush is only around the edges of your rink, then you can tackle cleaning it off. We recommend calling “more than a few friends” over to help with this. make sure you clean ALL of the slush off of the rink in one session.

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Will backyard ice rink kill grass?

A simple backyard ice skating rink creates a wonderful way to spend active time with the family during the cold winter months. When properly constructed, a backyard skating rink will not kill the grass on your turf lawn —a common fear.

How cold is backyard ice rink?

Zero to 15 degrees and windy is optimum ice-making weather; any colder, and the water creates long, lazy cracks that you will later have to repair.

Can you use a blue tarp for an ice rink?

There are a two reasons that tarp color can influence the quality of your ice rink. First, the darker the color, the more sunlight it absorbs. This can cause your rink to melt on sunnier days. Second, typical blue and green tarps you would find at a sporting goods store are known to damage grass beyond repair.

How do you flatten snow?

If there is snow on the ground: Pack down the snow/slush until it is smooth and solid. A piece of plywood can be used, or the area can be flattened with a lawn roller. Or for more fun, have everybody pull on their boots and stomp down the snow together.

Can you build an ice rink over a pool?

Technically, Yes You Can Yes, but with some major caveats. First, aboveground pools make for very dangerous and ill-advised ice rinks, if only for the simple reason that skaters are likely to topple right off their new backyard ice rink.

How long does it take for an ice rink to freeze?

It takes a minimum of 72 hours at -10 C for 8 inches of water to completely freeze. Do NOT walk on your rink before this time unless you have to. Water will seep up around the sides and flow onto your surface.

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How much does an ice rink chiller cost?

Our do-it-yourself portable backyard ice rinks for sale start at $26,000 and vary based on size, specifications, and design. The larger kits begin at a price point of $47,000.

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